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G&S Foods Honey & Fruit Lozenges

Honey & Fruit Lozenges

Indulge in the soothing sweetness of our honey and fruit lozenges.

We specialize in contract manufacturing these delectable treats packed into foil trays for esteemed customers both in New Zealand and across the globe. From New Zealand to Australia, France to Italy, China to Canada, and Japan to Hong Kong, our lozenges have captured the hearts and palates of discerning connoisseurs worldwide. 

Flavours include Honey with Blackcurrant, Lemon, Propolis, Ginger, Menthol, Coffee and ideas on new flavour combinations will be considered.

Packaging options

G&S Honey lozenges foil trays

Foil trays

For our lozenges, we utilize foil trays that contain 8 individual lozenges. These foil trays can be custom printed with specific branding, allowing for up to 3 colors.

G&S Foods lozenges in bulk with private branded boxes

Outer Pack Options

Currently, we supply the lozenges in bulk - 180 foil trays per shipper. Upon request, we can pack the product into private branded boxes and customer display units for an additional cost.


Our RMP factory is export compliant and we can work with you to send your product directly to Logistics agents in New Zealand for export. 
We have an Export registration and FDA approval


To facilitate transportation, the product will be bulk packed into shippers, and the cost of shippers  is included in the price. To maintain product integrity, we recommend avoiding large volumes on pallets to prevent compression of the product. Export Pallet configurations can be supplied.

Lead times

With careful production planning, we can ensure a continuous supply and timely delivery.

A marketing plan outlining order projections would be crucial in this process.

Packaging options

G&S Foods - Dried Honey Powder road delivery options

For road

For road delivery within New Zealand, we recommend utilizing chilled transport services, such as Big Chill, to maintain product freshness.

G&S Foods Dried Honey Lozenges long haul transportation options

For long-haul transportation

For long-haul transportation, airfreight is recommended due to the heat-sensitive nature of the product.

Shipping honey powder

When shipping via
sea freight

When shipping via sea freight, we strongly recommend using reefer containers to maintain the required temperature conditions and stability of the product throughout the journey.

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Honey and co dried
fruit powder

Let your creations flourish with our premium honey and fruit powders 

Raw honey

Experience the purity and diversity of New Zealand's honey varietals

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