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G&S Foods - Dried Honey Powder

Honey & Co Dried Fruit Powder

 Let your creations flourish with our premium honey and fruit Powder

Whether you need powder for wet or dry food systems, confectionery and health bars, soups and sauces, custards, milk products, or a healthier alternative to sugar, our proprietary process and RMP registered factory enable us to manufacture exceptional honey and fruit powders.

What is our drying process?

Our unique gentle drying process, protected by a New Zealand patent, focuses on dehydration rather than freeze-drying. This proprietary method is designed to preserve the full flavor of the honey.

Here's how we utilize it:


a. In mixing operations, we have the ability to integrate our 100% honey solids into a variety of ingredients. For example milk powder or soups or sauces.

b. For lozenges, we generally combine the honey powder with 10% maltodextrin and compress into lozenges. 100% honey lozenges are available.

c. When customers require an extended shelf life as a powder, we add 30% maltodextrin.

d. Other honey levels are available for specific recipe requirements.

Please note that the percentages mentioned refer to the honey and maltodextrin components.

G&S Foods Bulk Dried Honey Powder  - Unique gentle drying process

What is our Shelf Life?

Our standard shelf life statement for our products is typically 3 years, but in reality, it can last much longer. The shelf life primarily depends on two factors: moisture ingress into the packaging and storage temperature.


To ensure extended shelf life, we employ effective packaging techniques that prevent any moisture-related issues. As long as the storage temperature remains below 25°C, there should be no problems with product quality or longevity.

Using honey powder for a beverage Ingredient?

Due to its naturally low pH, honey exhibits a very low bacterial load in the finished product when heated to just above 90°C at the end of the drying cycle.

The honey powder is hygroscopic, and a recommended method for incorporating it into a milk powder mix or honey water is to combine the bulk ingredients in a mixer, add the honey powder, and immediately start the mixing process. Once the honey powder is in the mixer, it remains stable.


Humidity and temperature control are essential when mixing honey powder with other ingredients. Our factory operates at 18 degrees C and 11% Humidity to avoid clumping of the honey powder product.

G&S Foods - Bulk Branded Dried honey powder and crystals

How do we package our bulk honey powder and crystals ?

We offer standard packaging for honey powder, which consists of a 5kg foil bag enclosed in an outer carton. However, we are flexible and can also accommodate specific recipe sizes for one-off applications upon request.

Our standard honey powder formulation includes 30% maltodextrin as an ingredient.

Other honey levels are available for specific recipe requirements.


Excitingly, we now provide the option to pack honey powder and honey crystals into custom printed foil tubes, allowing for personalized branding and packaging solutions.

There are 5g, 10g and 15g packing options.

What are the activity levels of our honey powder?

The UMF or MGO levels of honey may vary depending on factors such as age and processing. Dilution can contribute to reduced UMF or MGO levels, especially when maltodextrin is added in higher amounts.


Typically, customers who use honey powder and lozenges have not focused on claiming activity levels. Instead, they consider it as a functional ingredient for their products. We can accommodate various UMF or MGO levels for honey powder orders based on customer requests.


It's important to note that the UMF or MGO measurement and test are applied to liquid honey, which we source from registered beekeepers in New Zealand. There is currently no official test for powdered honey.


In cases where customers wish to include UMF or MGO levels in the branding of their finished products, we recommend labelling the pre-processing level accordingly. For example, "made with UMF15+."


The UMF trademark for liquid honey can only be used by customers who have registered and paid the subscription fee for its usage. You can find more information on the grading system and requirements at the following here 

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G&S Foods Dried Honey Powder
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