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G&S Foods Team - Dried Honey Specialists

About Us

We are dried honey specialists sharing with the world innovative dried honey powder, crystals and related products of exceptional quality which retains all the essential goodness for all.


Welcome to G&S Foods, founded in 2010 by brothers Neil and Gordon Boyd, with a visionary goal of preserving honey’s inherent goodness through our patented drying process. 

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Canvastown, New Zealand, our small yet visionary team operates an RMP registered honey and fruit drying factory. With our proprietary process, we produce honey powder, honey crystals, honey co-dried fruit powders and related products of unparalleled quality. Every step is infused with passion and dedication, ensuring that our products surpass expectations. 

G&S Foods Dried Honey Specialists factory in Canvastown

Our team

Discover some of our passionate minds behind G&S Foods, the driving force behind our exceptional products.

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