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1. Where does the honey come from for your New Zealand Honey Powder?
We only use New Zealand honey sourced from suppliers that operate a Government certified food safety programme.
Honey is sourced throughout New Zealand from North Cape to Otago and selected to produce honey powder of the the best quality.

2. Does your honey powder contain any known allergens?
Honey is not recommended for infants less than 12 months old because of the possible risk of infantile botulism. This is not a problem for older children and adults. Some people are allergic to honey so they should avoid honey powder products as well.Added propolis in certain products carries a health warning.

3. Do your NZ Honey Powder products contain corn or soy gluten free?
Honey powder does contain maltodextrin which stabilises the powder during storage. 
For trade customers the maltodextrin can be made from corn, potato or tapioca to meet the customers' requirements. 

4. Are your products peanut and tree nut free?
No nuts of any sort are processed in the factory so there is no fear of contamination.

5. Are your products non GMO? 
Honey sourced from New Zealand is GMO free and all maltodextrin and other products used in manufacture are certified non-GMO. 

6. What is the shelf life of our honey powder and Honey Powder products? 
Our honey powder has a 2 year shelf life if kept cool and dry during storage.

Ideal storage is at 25 degrees C and below.
For our products please see the 'Best By" date on the side of each package.

7. Can I buy products directly from you?
Yes you can  - please email us at



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